Beetle Box: 1996 - Gilman School
This is my best box. It started out as a cockroach made of oak, but I abandoned that piece to explore the wing concept. This is my most complex working box, using hidden springs and nails as pins. It's made from ebony, bubinga, and osage orange. I have extensive sketches for the workings of the lid, but basically when you push the head in, the carapace rotates forward, and two pins are removed from the wings. Once the wings are swung open, it can be locked open by closing the carapace and returning the head to its original position. The ebony is great and can be polished to a really smooth shine. I spent a long time on this piece, I think for the scholarship presentation. Over time the yellow of the osage orange has faded to grayish brown, and the bubinga has lost its luster.