Sharp Flat Toaster: 199? - Gilman School
This is a small box (about 6" x 4" x 3") made from some diseased poplar, and various other exotic hardwoods (ebony, bubinga, osage orange). I started with no plan in mind, and the box took shape as I thought of things to do with it. The stain on the front, back, and top panels made me think of an oriental landscape, so the influence kept along the lines of eastern design. The corners are ebony continuations of the legs and break the side planes. As I was finishing the box, it looked a bit plain to me, so I devised this complicated offset hinge with big round ornamental members. When it was done it looked like a toaster, so I call it the "sharp, flat, toaster," the sharp and flat referring to the black keys of a piano mirrored in the hinge.