Video Game Display Shelf: 2006 - Chicago Apartment
This is the culmination of an idea I've had for a while where you'd have a metal pole with shelves hooked on it, and you could select a shelf, rotate it out of the stack and then lower it down to desk height. This implementation only uses the cantilevered shelf idea, but I'm very happy with the result. The base is a big chunk of concrete with 2 inch black steel gas pipe fittings cast inside. Then there are 2 8 foot long gas pipes screwed into the base. The shelves are plywood with an aluminum bracket mortised into the middle. 2 rubber jacketed threaded rods are what grab the steel poles. The only problem I ran into while making it were that the threaded rods didn't fit through the holes in the brackets after I had glued them to the shelves. I had to re-drill angled holes and hope the nuts would be enough to hold them in place. Once I assembled it I also realized that if one of the top shelves failed, it would hit the lower shelf and cascade the failure down. This is why the shelves have safety cords tied to a crossbar at the top of the tubes.