Ipholio: 2008 - SolidWorks
With MacWorld coming next week and a post holiday lull at the office, I decided to make a Palm Foleo type ultraportable laptop. My real goal was to see how it would look if you just hacked the Apple BlueTooth keyboard and a display together, which I'm sure is possible with some pretty simple OS modifications... like allowing full UI displays through TV out and keyboard interface through either the serial port or BlueTooth. The Iphone acts as a TouchPad, secondary display, and houses all the complex electronics.
The only components are the keyboard from the above mentioned BlueTooth model, better speakers, a large capacity battery, and a new display with the same resolution as the Iphone, but substantially bigger pixel size (so you can do full screen with the existing Iphone video hardware and no scaling). The Iphone has a funky aspect ratio, so it's not a standard screen size, but I made it a 12" diagonal screen.
In this rendering I shrank the icons to half their original resolution so users would feel like they're getting a better screen. The only modifications to make this work would be to make a visible cursor, and have the phone recognize that it's connected to the device and alter the UI.
This concept is intended to increase the value of the Iphone for business users and on-the-go entertainment. If they would only make a real word processor, spreadsheets, and some native games, it would be great.
I tried to make this concept as simple and cheap as possible, so there's only a power outlet, USB port, 3.5mm TTY headphone and mic port, and a button to release/ eject the Iphone from it's docking cradle.
There's no reason you can't make this and sell it for under $150 and even that's being pretty greedy. Assume $30 for the display, $5 for speakers, maybe $5 for the existing keyboard, $20 for the battery, and another $10 for circuitry and housing.
I also just show the Iphone, Ipholio, MacBook, and MacBook pro stacked on top of one another. The thinnest I could make it was 18mm without making the lid completely unrealistic. The 282mm width is based on the existing keyboard and the 205mm depth is based on a combination of the two plus an area for a hinge and latch pocket.
I tried to stay with Apple's visual brand language, but there are some conflicting areas between the MacBooks and Iphones, namely the chrome bezel on the phone which really doesn't work with larger products. it's also difficult to reconcile all the different radii and line weights between the two. I can't really guess very well at how Apple would handle the docking cradle. The one I've proposed here would probably scratch up the phone pretty fast. It's meant to have a few retractable grippers which would hold the phone in place and another set which would pop it out of the cavity when the button is pressed.
These images were modeled and rendered in Solidworks 2007 and tweaked with Photoshop. The primary and Iphone displays are Photoshop as is the keyboard text. Thanks to the guys who made ScreenShot and other Iphone hackers so I could get the icons off my phone. Keep up the good work!