Kayak: 1997 - Gilman School
This is built from Chesapeake Light Craft's Plans and the help of Chris Kulczycki's book, The Kayak Shop. This is the Yare model, since discontinued, but it's incredibly light and easy to build, but I didn't find out it was also too small for me until I had built it. I did screw up a few times while building it. The stitch and glue plywood construction was easy, but I didn't know it needed to be pre-bent so much, and the photos on pages 80 and 81 are taken from and angle which makes it very difficult to see the angle. Subsequently, I took off nearly an inch too much with a block plane where the pieces met. I designed my own coaming (opening where you sit) using bent cedar strips. The oval shape make it really elegant and balanced when it's sitting in the water. I installed static foot-rests, and a rear hatch of my own design which was water tight, and turned the entire back hatch into flotation as well. It's a great, speedy little craft for anyone under 6 feet tall. I have to bend my knees backward to get itno it, so it's only been taken out 3 times.