Timex 2154 competition: 2004 - CMU Shop
These are my 3 entries into the Timex 2154 competition. The first is a hologram watch which I carved from a piece of ren-shape. It breaks into 2 parts so you can get it onto your wrist with the seam hidden along a parting line. The actual product is meant to be a flexible wrist strap which would automatically grab and release your arm when commanded.
The second is a 3 time zone watch intended for use on earth, the moon and mars. I read an article about how NASA researchers would switch to a mars schedule to keep an eye on their rovers, but the day is 30 minutes longer there, so they needed to have custom, slow watches specially made.
The third is a digital ink tattoo controlled by several implanted chips. It's not meant to be a quick refreshing display, but could slowly morph the graphics over the course of the day, and would definitely be fast enough to change the clock face every minute.