X-acto knife: 1999 - Home Shop
This is my idea for a folding X-acto knife. Originally it was just going to be a regular handle with a threaded cap, so it could not open in your pocket and accidentally stab you in the leg. X-acto knives are possibly the most useful tool for a designer or model maker. Here my love of mechanisms is clear, as I abandoned my simple threaded cap idea for more of a tactical folding pocket knife, like my pocket knife. I made a prototype over my winter break in my basement with an existing x-acto knife and some small diameter brass tubing. It's only held together with C.A. glue, so it's not really meant to be used, just a model to see if it would work. And it does! I made this SolidWorks model to illustrate how it would actually be machined and assembled in the real world. I lost the data (fucking zip disks!), so this is just a scan of a b/w printout I made beforehand.