Hug Communication Robot: 2002 CMU HCII
I did this project in conjunction with the people and robots group in the HCII (human computer interaction institute) It was the summer after graduation and they had a grant to do research with robots that had to do with the elderly. I was really just there to help run some research surveys and do design grunt work, like brainstorming sketching and model making. Out of one of our sketching sessions, I did this cute little doodle of a computer screen with big flexible arms, and it eventually turned into the hug. I created a bunch of sewn models over the course of the summer, which evolved into it's final form, although they really are missing some of the expressive stitching around the head. I guess I should name drop the other people on the project: Jodi Forlizzi, Carl DiSalvo, Franciene Gemperie, Elliot Montgommery, Jamie Devine.