Segway InfoKey: 2005 - Tres Design
This project was pretty cool. We got to work with the Segway designers to create the next generation heads up display for the i2 Human Transporter. We went out to their factory in New Hampshire and rode some of the prototypes to get a feel for the ergonomics and user needs. They had some ideas on how it was to look, but the actual industrial design of the object was pretty simple. It's radially symmetrical with 2 bayonet mounts, one for the battery door, and one for the mounting hardware. The hardest part was coming up with a mounting scheme for a product that was not yet fully figured out. In the end we came up with some hardware that could be kept on a keychain and still docked into the scooter. We also worked out the segmented LCD and what information was shown. It was a fun project, its too bad that the scooters are so expensive and heavy. The i2 costs about $5,145.00