Nintendo Controller: 2000 - CMU Shop
This is my crazy model making masterpiece. For product morphology, our second assignment was to re-design an existing product. I chose to do a NES controller, because I had always wanted to work on controller design, and thought that taking on the absolute perfection of the PlayStation dual-shock controller was a bit out of my depth. There were three rounds of design: concept, proportional, and detail. For the concept round I came up with dozens of ideas, and made nine models. I broke down the model making into three days with five hours each. The first day I made four blocky models: the rectangular twist, the sharp character, the swoopy display, and the bat-wing. The second day I made rotated forms: headphones, bubbles, and tron. The third day I made the abstract, carved models: sega and canoe. Of these I wanted to explore the bubbles and bat-wing the most, but decided on the latter purely because of personal preference (The class was like that). The proportional stage was a bit harder; I now needed to resolve button placement and ergonomics. It took me a long time to come up with my solution, which came as I traced an imaginary line from one point, through the body, and back around. It was an elegant solution which was far more resolved than anything else I had come up with so far. For the detail level I had to chose finish, parting lines, and buttons. On the blue one, everything is slightly recessed, with a round directional pad. The red one is a bit of an act of insurrection in that the night before the crit, somebody found this great can of... "bright motha' fuckin' red!" When our red models were grouped together, it looked like a coke commercial.