Tower: 1993 - Gilman School
This model has since been destroyed by my dog, but it was getting old anyway and didn't fit anywhere in the house. I did this in my freshman year (High school) studio art class. It was an extension of an isometric drawing unit. We had a whole garbage can full of long wooden strips the teacher prepared from plaster lath strips. We used mat knives, sandpaper, and some kind of craft glue to construct them, starting with a 12"x12" pine base. It was some god awful height like 12', and only fit in the entry hall/stairwell of a past house. My mom had the house photographed for some magazine (Style magazine November/December '94 issue, the bottom right photo on page 45. The photo is mirrored for some reason, and I don't know who the guy on the cover with the bucket on his head is.)