Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter: 2010 - ThinkGeek
This project was started before my time at ThinkGeek. When I came in, it was a flimsy cardboard model with terrible ergonomics. In order to make the engines and main hull of the ship something that you could actually hold, I squished them all down a bit and shortened the nacelles. To test this design, I made a horribly messy looking model from a bunch of garbage I had sitting on my desk and it ended up being pretty comfortable. To see what it would look like in a more polished style, I booted up my old, dismantled-laptop, with an ancient student edition of SolidWorks to build it in CAD. It took the company months to get an actual workstation set-up for me, but the screen captures were good enough to convince CBS. In the end, I think the manufacturer just based their own CAD on the top & side view illustrations I made.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter - $29.99

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