iCade Jr: 2011 - ThinkGeek
The iCade jr was a pretty simple concept: reproduce the success of the full-sized iCade but for mobile phone devices. The biggest challenge was that at this scale it needed to be fully plastic, whereas the original was composed of mostly MDF sheets. I remember being incredibly daunted by the ergonomics of the device, but after hacking up a PS2 controller into similar proportions I was able to work something out. The production of this toy was different than the typical GeekLabs project in that once we had the concept CAD finished it was taken over completely by ION, the manufacturer. They modified it to look more like the original by removing a back-lit marquee and blocking out the base. I don't think they did much else because errors that I had in the CAD seemed to make it all the way through to production. It was frustrating being out of the loop on this project, but it was pretty fun when I was in the thick of it, and the final product is very cool.

iCade jr. Mini Arcade Cabinet for iPhone $49.99