Joystick-it: 2011 - ThinkGeek
This was a semi-in-progres project that was dumped in my lap on my first day. The idea was to make a physical way of interacting with a capacitive touch-screen. It's a much more difficult proposition than it first seems. Back when we were working on it, there wasn't much knowledge about how touch-screens worked & what materials would transmit this magic-meat sense. People were using anti-static packing foam, batteries, and even mini-sausages. Eventually we found the right kind of foam & I made a prototype joystick from nuts, washers, a threaded ball, and the suction cup from a Nerf dart. With the Jr. version we experimented with a thumb-pad style version modded from a competing product. I thought it was cool & it felt like it had better performance after testing the different versions, but in the end we just went with a scaled down model.

JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick - $24.99

Joystick-it Arcade Stick for iPhone - $17.99