TK421 Bluetooth Keyboard Case: 2010 - ThinkGeek
This was an interesting project that took some major short-cuts to be first to market. We had an OEM keyboard that was almost identical in profile to both the iPhone 3g and the iPhone 4 and all we needed to do was to find a way to link it to the phone with a custom designed case. Originally I intended to make the keyboard linked with an arm that hinged at two points, but the thickness of that arm came between the keyboard and phone, making it far too thick. The solution was to build a hinge off to one side, which was in a position that didn't really effect the perception of size. It also allowed for a really cool flip-out action that gave the product a real personality. The name for the product came from a brainstorming session where we were talking about 'type-case' and trying to make a good descriptor, when I blurted out '˜TK421 - why aren't you at your post?' - a famous line from Star Wars. This was one of the very few times that I actually named one of our products.

TK-421 - $49.99