Portal Turret Flashlight: 2011 - ThinkGeek
This started out it's life as a laser pointer that I had 3d printed & soldered up in a tiny package with toothpicks for legs. It was an amazing little product & about 75% the size of the final light & sound model, but Valve didn't want something that could be perceived as a toy to have a laser in it. The final result is pretty cool, but like the Wheatley flashlight, not really much work on our behalf. The toughest thing was making a box that matches the in-game artifact. The turrets in Portal 2 are made in a factory & boxed up, but the legs unfurl from the body, allowing for smaller packaging. This made the proportions of the in-game box art totally wrong, so we needed to re-built it with whatever assets we had. The end result is pretty good, but I really hoped you'd be able to read all the weird product info on the side panels.

Portal Turret LED Flashlight w/ Sound - $24.99