Portal PotatOS Kit: 2011 - ThinkGeek
This is a set of fasteners & gadgets that you can use to re-make the GLaDOS character from Portal 2 when she's reduced to running off of a potato battery. We had a speaker module with a couple LEDs, so we couldn't run it off such a small voltage, so there are batteries inside the plastic case. I did all the CAD which was a bit of a challenge to fit the components in such a small package. The biggest hurdle was getting assets from Valve: There's a portion of the game where you walk by some old, overgrown elementary school science projects & one is supposedly done by the main character. We wanted to include her backdrop poster as an extra in the package, but the images from the game were too low res to be readable. They had to get their artists & writers together to remake the in-game artifact for us, but in the end all the effort paid off and we got to highlight the spoilery easter egg :)

Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit - $24.99