Schrodinger's cat executive decision maker: 2011 - ThinkGeek
This project was fueled by a desire to make a product using the magicians trick called Pepper's Ghost, where a half silvered mirror and some strategic lighting can give the appearance of a transparent, ghostly figure. In this case, the lights flash between showing a cartoonish sculpture of a living cat and a dead one in reference to the quantum physics thought experiment. It's an obscure, weird product, that's ThinkGeek's specialty. In fact, Wired magazine featured the project as a prime example of what we do in their artilce they wrote about us. The project wasn't very far along when the writer & photographer were in the office, so the image they used in the article was a very early concept rendering of something that looks like a shipping container with a sci-fi gas tank & gage hanging off one side. We went through a lot of back & forth on the styling of the plain steel box, but ended up going with unfinished gray plastic that has faux rivet holes along the borders and a sliding door with big exposed tracks.

Schrodinger's Cat Executive Decision Maker - $24.99

Wired magazine article